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What you Should Know Before Taking up Scuba Diving

Having a scuba diving first aid kit is extremely important. It doesn’t take much imagination as to the many different ways that a scuba diver can get hurt. Scuba divers face problems such as the benz, www.bestchoicetv.com, sea-sickness, dehydration, cuts from coral reefs, or even bites from sharks. It is very important to figure out what types of things you should bring and how to assemble your first aid kit. If you are planning on buying or making a first aid kit, you will want to have bandages, gauze, some sort of antibiotic ointment, a painkiller, pills of seaksickness, pills for antihistamine, some scizors, srips that close wounds, and waterproof medical tape.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. It is also important to make sure you bring something that can hydrate you in case you get dehydrated. If you plan on being in an area where there are jellyfish, vinegar is also a good thing to bring, it will help with the jelly fish’s sting. Make sure that you purchase a nice plastic box that has many different compartments for you to be able to quickly access the different things inside of your first aid kit. There is nothing worse than having a first aid kit, and then wasting valuable time trying to find the bandage or product that you need, while someone is hurt and suffering.

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How to Become a Dive Master in the Florida Keys

Dive masters have years of scuba diving experience. They are also familiar with the waters and offer supervision during diving trips. If you want to become a dive master in the Florida Keys, the first step is to visit the region. Dive with a variety of scuba diving companies and network with other dive masters. You can learn a lot just by observing the operations of scuba diving companies. The Florida keys attract millions of more…

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Planning a trip to the Florida Keys

There are a few sandy strips of beach in the Keys, but the islands’ main attractions have more to do with scenic scuba sites, Hemingway landmarks and fried conch fritters. In spite of claiming only a few manmade beaches, the Keys are incredibly busy during tourist season – known to the rest of the northern hemisphere as winter.

To plan a trip to the Keys, it’s important to reserve accommodations in advance – especially for travelers who plan to spend the weeks of winter in this tropical locale. Luckily, there are hotel spaces to accommodate just about every budget, from spacious resorts to the extra bed on a local’s boat.

Those travelling from afar should fly into Miami and rent a car for the drive out to the Keys. There is an airport in on Key West, but most flights stopover in Miami anyway and it’s best to rent a car to travel throughout the islands. It’s a bit of a drive out to the Keys from Miami, so many people also fly into Key West and rent a car once on the island.

Those who fly into Key West, however, miss out on the gorgeous view from the Seven Mile Bridge, which connects the Upper and Lower Keys. The Travel Channel, available in some Direct TV packages, often shows this amazing bridge and view, enticing viewers to come to the Keys.

Tourists who plan to travel to the Lower Keys should make plans to visit Dry Tortugas National Park, which offers one of the most spectacular snorkeling sites in the state of Florida. The only way to get there is by boat or seaplane, so it’s important to catch the ferry from Key West. With a little bit of research and planning, you too could be enjoying the sights, sounds and activities of the Florida Keys.

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Scuba Diver to Scuba Diver Instructor in the Keys

Scuba diving is one of the main attractions in the Florida Keys, as there are several beautiful locations where divers can experience the oceanic underworld. Not to mention, the Keys are home to some of the best locations for diving with scuba instructors.

The best Keys diving locations are separated into four areas- Islamorado, Key Largo, Key West, and Marathon. The top diving spot in Islamorado include: the Davis Ledge, the Eagle, and Hen and Chickens Reef. Top diving spots in Key Largo include: the Christ of the Abyss, Molasses Reef, Spiegel Grove, and the USCG Duane. Key more…

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Scuba Diving in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is one of the absolute best places to scuba dive in the North American Continent. The Florida Keys consists of a long line of islands just south of the city of Miami. One of the coolest places to scuba dive in the Florida Keys is the island of Key Largo. This Island is home to an abundant amount of marine life. At Key Largo they have many different dive guides and shops where you will be able to find any equipment that you may need. more…

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Choosing the Right Dive Spot in the Florida Keys

Making the perfect dive on your next visit to the Florida Keys is only possible when you take an approach that stresses planning and preparation. There are many factors that may be in a position to shape your decision. Exploring them fully can give you the chance to arrange the dive of a lifetime.

Researching what locations would fit your needs best would be an ideal way to begin. By considering your skill level, available more…

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Stay Safe Scuba Diving in the Keys

Scuba diving does have some innate dangers. The saying, “Plan your dive and dive your plan” is as true in the Florida Keys as it is in Michigan lakes. Here are a few pointers to be sure your dive in the Florida Keys is safe and enjoyable.

It is illegal to harm coral. Some corals also have toxins and the ability to burn you if you touch it. When in doubt, admire, but don’t touch.

The tides and waves in and around coral reefs can be severe.Additional information can be found at